Console Game Ripoffs

As long as video games and consoles continue to be successful with consumers then there is going to be imitators. From strange Nintendo Wii rip-offs, To consoles that aren’t even sure what they’re trying to imitate, You’re watching GamerBrain and Today on the show we’re taking a look at 12 of the worst video game console rip offs out there. #12.) The Game Child To start off our list we have what is possibly the earliest and most blatant ripoff of the Nintendo Gameboy that there ever was. The game child was mass produced sometime in the late 80’s with the sole purpose to steal paypal casino deposit sa.

The instruction manual for this thing claims it is a “Very fun and challenging” piece of gaming hardware, and although that isn’t true, the sad reality of this console is that its just a crappy LCD console with 1 built in game hat happened to come in 3 different varations including Space war, desert war, and football (freakin football) and none of them were fun nor challenging. If Nintendo hadn’t released their game and watch handhelds years earlier than this thing may have been cool at the time, but instead it’ll live on as just another piece of junk that nobody bought. #11.) Game Theory Admiral While at first glance this thing might look like a game boy advance console, its actually only capable of playing original famicom or NES games. But don’t be fooled because this console is built using some of the cheapest components out there and although it is advertised to have video output to your TV you’ll be playing your games on a fuzzy washed out 4:3 screen. Maybe you want to take this thing on the go? Well if youre a fan of playing games on a tiny screen with a cartridge looming over it like an rooftop then this is the console for you! And to top of this crap sundae of a console it’s only compatible with certain games for the famicom, so compatibility is anything but perfect.

#10.) Wi Vision Ahh here it is, the first of many consoles on our list that are attempting to cash In on the Nintendo Wii’s former success. The Wi Vision as its called boasts full HD graphics at an eye boggling 240×240 screen resolution. The games that the player will find on the console will all be from the NES because I guess emulation for the super Nintendo is just too difficult. Although if that didn’t make you want to purchase on of these, then prepare yourself because this console can be all yours $150. I shit you not this thing costs $150, But hey, they throw in those amazing wireless controllers so it’s a must buy. #9.) I – Dong As we all know Microsoft’s Kinect wasn’t as cool as we’d all hoped, But this ripoff set out to copy it anyway and it actually doesn’t do a terrible job. This thing doesn’t really use your body as a controller though and rather it uses sensors, reflector pads and IR lights to identify the controller that comes with it