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Jacmus Prime provides fictional world builders with ideas and useful tools.

Jacmus Prime helps to stimulate the imagination by providing easy to use methodology for the exploration of fictional worlds, guided processes and downloadable templates for recording the finer details of your world.  Fictional world building can be very different for a writer as compared to the detail, expressiveness and exploration a hobbyist can enjoy. But both hobbyists and writers can benefit from the ideas found within Jacmus Prime’s resources for Fictional World Building.

Visitors to Jacmus Prime can learn some interesting imaginative facts and bloopers about Fictional Worlds from our contributors.  We invite Fictional Writers to submit a Pen-Pic and summary of their fictional world for inclusion in our Fictional World Show Case.

There are no right ways or wrong wasy when it comes to fictional world building. But you’ll find a compendium of tips and advice from Fictional World Builders which can broaden the depth of your fictional world and open doors within your imagination that may not have existed before.

Fictional World Building - Artist impression of a Kender

“An old bald Kender still filled with wander lust.” Need help with developing a Race? Check our our Fictional World Building Race Category for some tips!

Mapping, Race, Character and Beast Creations

Jacmus Prime also includes help, advice, reviews, free templates and how-to articles on mapping your Fictional World.

Creating and discovering races and beasts in a fictional world, can sometimes be like watching a remake of your old favorite movie. Sometimes the remake can be portrayed well, while other times disappointment can abound, especially if the characters and races just aren’t the same and readers may have come to expect stereotypes. Jacmus Prime aims to provide our supporters with templates and ideas, as well as feedback on the use of well known races and beasts within the realms of fantasy.

The Importance of Continuity in Fictional World Building

The people you allow into your fictional world may notice even the smallest of differences when describing a place, person or historical event that you have already described previously.  It is important when you begin to craft your world that you systematically keep ordered notes about everything you create.

Fictional writers are often constrained by time and do not have the luxury to create an entire Geofiction. Instead Fictional Writers often create a cross section of their world focusing on the geography, characters, scenery and relationships that will develop through the weaving of dynamic plots and story lines. As a hobbyist of fictional world building continuity can be harder to co-ordinate and and link together. Through Jacmus Prime’s Fictional World Building  you can create your  fictional world from the bottom up with detailed histories, geography, races and sciences and more.

There is always the element of nature, magic or a magical being such as a god (who isn’t just a mythical creation by the races upon your world) that can provide an easy solutions for continuity errors, or deliberate differences which a world builder  needs to explain to your audience.

Jacmus Prime provides both writers and hobbyists with ideas and tools on how to maintain the continuity of your fictional world.

Fictional World Building is Fun and Rewarding

Fictional World Building is all about having fun.   Jacmus Prime provides both writers and hobbyists with the ideas on how to make fictional worlds imaginative, but also provides some fun exercises to help develop  your world and its environment.  If you’re suffering from writer’s block, or you are stuck on how to develop your world further, come and explore Jacmus Prime for fun ideas to stimulate the imagination and be guided by chance.