Poker Rakebacks

Other than pursuing online casino bonuses all the time, why not try visiting some of the available poker rooms at your favorite online casino or sign up for an account at one of the best online poker site to enjoy additional bonuses called rakebacks. A rake is the casino’s take from certain poker table’s pot. Each round, the casino will take a small portion of the table’s pot as a ‘fee’. Although rakes are generally small in terms of amount and percentage, the accumulated amount can be quite staggering indeed.

You can increase your profitability playing online poker by taking advantage of available rakeback offers. The online poker room will give you rakebacks for every pot you participated in, whether you win or lose the round. Popular online poker rooms such as Absolute Poker, DoylesRoom, Full Tilt Poker, and Minted Poker are offering anything from 27% to 40% of the rakes in the form of rakebacks. Cake Poker and Carbon Poker are also offering 33% and 30% rakebacks respectively.

Other than rakebacks, you can also enjoy regular deposit match bonuses. Full Tilt Poker, for instance, offers 100% of up to $600 for new players. You can easily get additional poker bankroll and increase your profitability. The larger your bankroll, the more round you can play, means the more rakebacks you will get as well. Be sure to check out DoylesRoom’s superb $30k Rake Race and compete for $30,000 worth of rakebacks. You will greatly enjoy the tournament, and the cash prizes are very rewarding as well.