Terrible Game Consoles

The bottom screen doesn’t even function, its merely there to make this terrible knockoff look more like the console it’s trying to imitate. The Games on the Neo Double Games are exactly what you’d expect: Crappy LCD games featuring the same barely recognizable characters and crappy backlighting that all LCD games have. Did I mention none of the games are in the least bit fun? #4.) Chintendo Vii Originally released in 2007 by Chinese developer JungleTac, The Chintendo Vii (you heard that right) is of course a rip off of the Nintendo Wii. But unlike other console ripoffs, the people over at JungleTac actally developed some games for the thing, which is suprising because most of these cheap consoles rely solely on emulation. but if you couldn’t already tell they were all pretty terrible.

The components used to make this thing seem like they’re literally the cheapest ones available but the Vii actually has motion control and volume controls as well, although honestly none of that matters when you’re playing these games that rival even the worst games on the Super Nintendo. #3.) Polystation 3 You thought we were done talking about Polystation consoles? NOPE! Just when you thought the Nintendo Polystation couldn’t get any better, They came out and released a PlayStation 3 version! The screen folds out from the disc port, so forget about playing any of those PS3 games you had sitting around. They player is given a tiny controller that will seriously fit in the palm of your hand and the two analog sticks are replaced with a start button and a B button. I’ll even mention the polystation 2 because it was just this same console but the screen had no backlight! I mean for such a technological marvel as the polystation you’d expect them to include such a luxury. All you need to get this thing going is 3 AAA batteries so start saving up your pennies if you wanna play this thing. #2.) OUYE Today were gonna try something different and play a game called “Find something on this console that is original” I’ll give you 10 seconds. Find something? Didn’t think so..

This is the OUYE (not the Ouya) it popped up online in mid 2015 and as if the playstation 4’s design wasn’t ripped off enough the creators decided to also use the xbox one’s side grill as well. As for the controller, It’s basically an xbox one controller with some of the buttons moved around. Man they weren’t even trying when they made this, I mean you can’t make this stuff up, this is a console that exists. #1.) Mega Drive Extreme Is it an original xbox? Is it a sony playstation? Nope! This is the mega drive extreme, and you gotta hand it to the makers of this console for telling you exactly what type of games you’ll find on this thing, because for those of you who don’t know: The “Mega Drive” is actually what we over here in North America call the Sega Genesis. As for the extreme part, I’m assuming they just threw that in as a selling tactic. Like the console name suggests you can of course only play Sega genesis games on this thing, but the controller is some weird mashup of the PlayStation and Sega genesis six button controller designs. Seriously, this thing has 6 buttons placed seemingly by a blind man on the face of the controller. You’ll sometimes find this thing packed with a light gun for all those shooting game masterpieces that this console offers, but as you guessed it has the same shotty quality as every other console on this list.