Theories and Mystical Strategies of Roulette

Roulette is a game purely based on chance and luck.  As with many other inexplicable mysteries, mankind has over the years attempted to solve the puzzle and apply theories and strategies in order to beat the odds and win.

Of course, a game of chance is just that – completely random- so here we take a look at some of the most common myths of Roulette, and show how they are exactly that – a fantasy.

  1. Winning By Betting on “Sleeping” Numbers 

Sleeping numbers in Roulette are numbers that have not won in a while. Some players believe that this increases one’s odds of winning as those numbers are bound to come up eventually.

It’s important to remember here that Roulette is entirely a guessing game – the wheel spins in one direction, the ball in the other.  The odds of it landing on a sleeping number are exactly the same as it landing on any other number, so betting on a number that has not won in a while will not increase your odds of winning.

  1. The Dealer Can Influence The Wheel

Casinos had a bad reputation in years gone by – when they were run by unscrupulous gangsters.  They had various methods of influencing the outcome of the spin, like the use of magnets, wedged wheels and other clever devices.  These days the casino business is strictly monitored by various governing bodies, and a casino would not risk its good reputation by engaging in foul play.

Despite how skilled a dealer in a brick and mortar casino is, it is impossible to influence where the ball will land once the wheel begins spinning.  Online Roulette games make use of random number generators which ensure that each spin of the digital wheel is completely arbitrary thus ensuring that the outcome of the spin is not influenced by any external factors.

  1. There Are Systems Which Help You Win

If you are a poker or blackjack player, or enjoy the best online pokies, you know that there are proven strategies and tricks to assist you in winning. Online roulette Canada on the other hand is a game 100% governed by chance.  There are a host of supposed strategies out there that claim to give you the edge on Roulette.  Although these may increase your enjoyment of the game, there are no infallible strategies that are mathematically proven to work, given that the essence of the game is based on randomness.

  1. You Should Stick to One Bet Type

There are many different types of bets available in the game of Roulette.  Some players believe that they will increase their chances of winning by choosing one type of bet and sticking to it faithfully.  In fact, the opposite is true and no one type of bet in Roulette is better than other.  Sticking to a single type of bet makes it very easy to start seeing patterns or a winning formula in the game that aren’t really there, so it’s more advisable to experiment with a wider variety of bet types.

  1. Martingale Is An Advisable Strategy

Martingale is a well-known strategy that has been a stumbling block for many players over the years.  It is a mathematical strategy that is based on doubling your subsequent bet when you lose to make up your loss.

Whist this strategy is good on paper, and can increase your chances of winning in the short term, it is a dangerous long-term solution as you can maximise your losses in a very short space of time using this method.

If you have selected a number between 0 and 36, this in no way indicates it will appear within 36 spins – there is no genuine way to tell how many spins it will take for your number to appear.  It’s vital to always remember that Roulette is totally random, and using the Martingale system could result in serious losses in a very short space of time.