Video Game Consoles Quality

In saying that it’s more like a Nintendo Wii but the I-dong can also hook into your PC or compatible cable box too play games. The thing that I felt held this console back besides it’s obvious hardware piracy was its name. Seriously who’s gonna want to buy something called the I-Dong, what do you want for Christmas timmy? I want an I-DONG! See, It doesn’t really work. #8.) PCP Station Advance An obvious ripoff of sony’s PSP Let’s just get the name out of the way right off the bat, No this console doesn’t actually include any PCP with it, Nor does it feature drugs in any way. But come on, What can you really expect from a console called the PCP station? If you guessed a crappy LCD game then you’d be right. This thing is barely even a console and in order to play a different game you actually have to swap out the screen! And speaking of the screen, the backlight literally only comes from one side!

They couldn’t even make a proper screen, so theres you’re indication of quality. I don’t think any gamers are asking for a follow up to the PCP station any time soon. #7.) Polystation The polystation isn’t just a single ripoff console, In fact the polystation brand is a whole line of Playstation ripoffs. But it all started with this one, Despite it’s appearance this console doesn’t actually play PS1 games, and is simpy just an NES clone. Some versions of the console came with a cartridge slot on top, and many of them came with games just pre-installed. The box came in a few different variations as well, one looking like a mashup of the N64 box and another that believe it or not advertised the console as the NINTENDO POLYSTATION! Can you believe that? The freakin box says Nintendo on it! Damn deceptive advertising. Just think if one of your parents or grandparents mistook this for the real thing and bought it for you as a gift! Unbelievable. #6.) PX- 3600 This console looks like some sort of strange mashup of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360,

And to top it all of it doesn’t even play cartridge or disc based games let alone have a disc drive. Instead this thing plays really really awful pre-installed titles that seem to look like Atari 2600 games on even worse unresponsive controllers that could break at any second while you’re playing. While advertised to feature “vibrating controllers” one actually does, which is more of a short and random pulse than anything else. As for the 2nd controller, If you can even find someone to play this thing with, You’re out of luck because the other doesn’t really function let alone vibrate. Clearly all of the production budget went into making a disc drive that they forgot about. #5.) Neo Double Games This infamously awful console is clearly a rip off on nintendo’s DS line, with none of the cool features that the DS had. And in case you didn’t notice, this thing doesn’t play cartridges either.. Instead just like the PCP station you’re required to yet again take off the screen and swap it to play other games.